Take a sad song and make it better (notgonnabe) wrote in little_britain,
Take a sad song and make it better

Little Britain Live

I just got back from Little Britain Live... they are touring Australia. I AM SO STOKED. Seriously, tonight has hands down been the best night of my life, EVER. I got platnium tickets, which meant I was only a few rows back.

I LOVE the way they throw local jokes into it. Gosh, it was SO funny.

For those who had seen it, <b>how often did they "lose it/got sidetracked" etc?</b>

I found it absolutley hilarious!

<b>What was your favourite part of the show? </b>
I think I loved the corniness of Dennis Waterman. The prelude of it was the doll coming across the stage in the toy car and bananas in pajamas coming in the opposite direction.. "Hello Dennis" "Hello Bananas"....."Goodbye Dennis" "Goodbye Bananas.......in Pajamas" was so corny, but it got a place in my heart (as did the whole show, really. :-P
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